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My Story

While studying for my Master's degree in Computer Science, I had already gained some experience in software development. Starting with an internship at a consulting company for SAP, I soon applied for a job as a working student for native Android development.

Driven by the project-based business, I did not limit myself to Android development. I quickly gained experience in other areas such as mobile cross-platform, backend and front-end development with various technologies.

Today, Android development is still my main business, but I am constantly learning in many other fields, which gives me a very good technical overview. Because I am able to build the full suite, from mobile apps to frontends and backends, I consider myself as a full-stack mobile developer, which covers pretty much everything, but also fits my daily work.

Besides my interest in native Android development, I was always interested in how to easily deliver the product I am developing not exclusively to Android but also to the Apple ecosystem. That way I made my first experiences with Flutter as a cross-platform framework and got into my first Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile project.

For frontend development, I had a rough start with one of my projects I was maintaining, having a legacy AngularJS website. While my Javascript experiences from university helped, coming from object-oriented programming languages, I quickly got excited with Typescript and dug into the newer Angular framework.

While my first days as a professional software developer were exclusively on the client side and therefore only consuming backends, I was always interested in the actual implementations of the APIs we were communicating with. Because of my knowledge in Java and Kotlin from all the Android projects I did, I quickly got into backend development with Spring or to be more concise Spring Boot and all its facets.

Because of all the skills I developed over the years, I had a really good base for developing my own applications. The first app was a native Android-only app called Gym Workload which is a weightlifting diary that I developed to fit my own training. However, while this was still in 2019, I gained a lot of experience with frameworks like RXJava, Android Room, LiveData and many more relevant technologies of that time.

Two years later, in 2021 I started the development of Daffi - Daily Affirmations in which I could not only bring in my experiences with Kotlin coroutines but also build my own backend, which was not possible for me at the time of my first app.

Recently, I took a significant step forward in my career by joining a large company that manages apps with multi-million user bases. Here, I returned to native mobile app development with a strong focus on Kotlin Multiplatform. This experience has further honed my skills in scalable app architecture, performance optimization, and user experience design for high-traffic applications.

Leveraging these skills, I continue to explore and integrate the latest advancements in mobile development, always aiming to deliver top-notch applications. Additionally, I enjoy sharing my knowledge through writing blog posts and creating YouTube videos on various topics, contributing to the developer community.

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